Monday’s Muse

This week I am talking about hair, and by that I mean hair accessories. 

It’s a trend that has crept up on us without realising but seems to be in full swing now and it’s also made me very excited for SPRING!

I normally link to a lot of high street brands but lately I have been trying really hard to shop independent. Mainly because it is a more sustainable and ethical way of shopping and also it’s just nice really! The amount of times I have tagged very large well known brands and got absolutely no thanks in return is quite interesting. When it comes to independent retailers though, (big or small) they are always the first to say thanks to you for your custom. Which in this day and age, I think is just lovely. 

So you will slowly start to see a change(for the good) here on the blog and on my feed that will include a lot more independent and also sustainable/ethical brands.

ANYWAY, back to hair accessories… I bought a very cute set of hair clips last week from Maison Archives and oh wow they have a lot of very cute pieces!

I bought the ‘Alexa Trio‘ which there is two colour options for, I opted for the Almond.

How lovely is the packaging?!!!

Here is the rest of my favourite hair pieces this week:



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