Lanzarote-Not all brits abroad

Earlier this year in April, my husband and I were looking to book a sort of last minute mid length holiday. Not quite a week but just a bit longer than a few days. We really wanted somewhere warm and were also on the lookout for a destination with a fairly short flight, whilst still being reasonably affordable. Not fussy at all

Being April this was a bit of a tricky task as the warm weather rules out a lot of places that could be risky for what we wanted. My husband has been all over the Canary Islands on family holidays as a kid and because I hadn’t been myself, he suggested we look around there. 

If you’ve read my previous travel posts you might know by now that I am not really one to go back to the same place twice because I’d rather see somewhere new. Lanzarote was definitely not on my ‘must visit’ travel list as I had quite a downward opinion on most of the canaries. They just never sounded appealing to me. Somewhere where loads of brits flock to for the nice weather, people that go 6 times a year and all that. It just didn’t sound like I would enjoy it.

So hesitantly (mostly me) we booked some flights and I started the search for accommodation. Now a lot of the hotels are very ‘brits abroad’…so after searching for a little bit I swiftly moved onto AirBnb and holidays rentals instead. Much better.

We went with a cute little Airbnb in the end in the Costa Teguise area. It was just a 15 minute drive from the airport. Lanzarote is quite a small island so pretty much most areas you would stay are not too far from the airport. 

Serious explorers or those who get bored after a few days of laying in the sun, I would recommend to you hiring a car. We did this and it meant that we could see a lot of the island. My favourite part of the island was the Jardín de Cactus. 

If you are a fan of cacti or just plants in general like me, this is an amazing place to see. It was the last work by artist César Manríque and the best if you ask me! The garden is packed with cacti from all over the world.

Another trip we did and we were able to fit both these places into one day because they were so close to each other, was the Timanfaya National Park and the Mirador Del Rio. 

The drive to Timanfaya is what I imagine the surface of the moon to look like. There’s volcanic rock as far as the eye can see. Once you get to the top, there isn’t actually that much to see there. There is a restaurant up at the viewpoint where you can eat meat that has been cooked using one of the volcano openings which is pretty interesting(not for me, I’m veggie) for the meat eaters out there. They also show you a little mini eruption is the only way to describe it. A guide drops a dash of water in to one of the volcano holes and it shoots back up above the ground (the kids love it).

Mirador Del Rio is again an architectural creation from César Manríque that pulls together art and nature. It’s an amazing view and well worth the stop to have a look.

If you love a market or two there is actually a couple you can visit throughout the week if you are in Lanzarote at the right time. Sunday is a big market day in Teguise. It’s a huge market serving up a variety of artists, designers, artisans, food and like most markets these days…the dodgy fake goods(steer clear of this!). 

Honourable mentions need to go out to Haría, a teeny quiet little town which is actually where you can visit César Manríque’s home and also Arrecife which is the closest sort of ‘city’ to Costa Teguise. If you need a bustling sea side city fix, then this is the place to go. Sip a coffee or stroll the shops, plenty to wonder at.

Safe to say my mind and opinions have changed on the canaries and I guess like anything, it’s what you make of it. I think we had a much nicer time because of the place we stayed in and what we made of the trip. All in the details!



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