Going out looks that aren’t a dress

For most of my life I have relied on dresses. They are easy, simple and quick to try on when you are having a changing room tantrum and just need to nail down an outfit quick smart.

This year though, I have found myself looking for more interesting ensembles. Maybe it’s an age thing or maybe I am just being more adventurous…Either way I am really enjoying going out in other options instead of a dress. I was probably just being lazy if I am totally honest, but now I am putting much more though into going out looks. Maybe it’s because I go out less then when I younger so I feel I wanna make the most of it?!!!

I wore this Bershka suit earlier this year in June for a friends wedding. At the time I did  huge ASOS haul to try on a load of stuff and see what worked best. I actually had a bunch of dresses in this order and not one of them were ok. I had been lusting after a suit for ages and was looking for the right one. One I would wear again after the wedding, styled with a tee and trainers and also one that wasn’t too pricey. It was an absolute steal at the time as the combined price was under £60! Now it is mad cheap at around £26 in the sale!!! I am 5’3, so I was very pleased that the trousers were the right length annnnddddd bonus- they have an ELASTICATED WAISTBAND(at the back). Hello. Sold. 

I wore this suit again for my work Christmas party and it was quite the people pleaser. So definitely a good choice. I think a suit is a great option in winter as you are keeping quite covered up, so if you are going to be out and about and don’t want to be too chilly it’s totally a winner!

Another option I have been loving and slightly obsessed with is those silky skirts. Haven’t we all?! 

They are such a great alternative to a dress but still have all the feminine feels. I love wearing my & Other Stories  skirt styled with a slightly cropped black tee and a long pendant. Stylish and simple. They are also great if you are more of a boots and knit kinda girl for a more laid back and cosy vibe. 


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