Boxing Day Sales

I am making a conscious effort lately to only buy what I need and not just because I like something. I am thinking about new pieces a lot differently to what I did, say about two years ago. Do I need it? Do I already have something very similar to that? Am I just buying it because the sale price tag has made it look very appealing?

The Christmas sales started so early this year and it almost feels like there’s no point buying anything at all even gift wise until  Christmas if it’s just going to get reduced nearer (or after) the big day.

As I’m sure everyone is full aware, the Zara sale launched at a new time last night of  8pm(if you shop on the APP) and my little notification popped up letting me know it was live. 

I had about 10 things in my saved items, but at a second and thought out glance I actually only needed two. The scarf I bought I think might be sold out now but here it is below in the other colour way.

Here is my picks from the sales….But remember to only buy what you really need! And buy need I mean…pieces that will go with the rest of your wardrobe, season through season items and if it’s designer make sure it’s something you will keep for a very long time.

Mango also have an offer on if you buy 3 items you get an extra 15% off sale


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