A fleeting trip to home

A couple of weeks back we had a very short full and fast trip back to my home town in Australia. Yeah yeah it IS a lovely place but unless you are living on the beach and working as a life guard then no to answer what everyone always asks when they hear I’m from OZ, no I did not spend my years on the beach and no I can’t surf. Myth busted! 

Skirt- Topshop
Top- Topshop
Slides- Zara
Bag- Zara

In all seriousness though, I come from a very small town north of Brisbane city. I hadn’t been back for a couple of years due to money/time and the fact that if we are going on a big trip then we would rather go somewhere we haven’t been before. This quick trip was about spending a bit of time with family and friends. All my Grandparents are getting on a bit now (one of my Grandfathers is 94!) so it was a case of catching up, eating, visiting and a tiny bit of sightseeing for my husband. We always try to throw in a few touristy things for his sake seeing as we’re going all that way!

I did a little bit of research into seeing what cafes/ foodie places were new and I was surprised to see how much Brisbane had caught up in the last few years(Macadamia nut flat white anyone?)! We had some amazing brunches and dinners and I am so glad to see how much more interesting the city has become.

Freja’s, Wilston QLD

Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm, Mount Alford, QLD

Hellenika, Brisbane

Dress- Pull & Bear
Bag- Zara

So after just 8 days in Brisbane, we then headed to Bali for 3 nights. Neither of us had been before and even though I was so close to it while growing up, it was never somewhere that interested me at all. When I was younger I was much more into seeing cities and fast moving trips. 

Because of the flight being so long to Brisbane, we wanted to book a few nights somewhere on the way back to break the trip up a bit. Bali fitted in right and we didn’t actually pay any more in terms of flights to do the stop over.

Bali Cinta Villa- Seminyak
Bikini- ASOS

I did a lot of research into the best place to stay for what we wanted and Seminyak came out on top. We wanted to be super central so we could easily walk to most places and also wanted to be in a fairly busy area with a lot to see and do. Even though Bali is MEGA cheap, Seminyak is actually at the top end in terms of spending on food and drink. Still cheap though!

We were having very fancy meals not realising what was going on at first. It was only after venturing further out we realised just how cheap Bali can be!

The prettiest breakfast I have ever seen! 
Sisterfields- Seminyak

When we arrived it was about 6pm, so we didn’t see a lot the first night. We went for a walk to get our bearings and then to look for something to eat. We’d read earlier about a restaurant called Lafavela, so we ended up in there. I didn’t really get any pics as it was pretty dark in there. Highly recommended though! The food was incredible and apparently it turns into quite a party place after 11pm. 

The next day we ventured slightly further out and ended up in KYND. I hadn’t actually planned on going out of my way to visit it but as we ended up nearby around lunch time we stopped for a bite to eat. It’s a pretty place and the smoothie bows are amazing!

The next day we had a driver organised(you can get a guy for a day that will take you to all the touristy things if you want to see them or can take you wherever you have planned. Will cost you about £30 for the day) and we had a little bit of an idea of what we wanted to see but he was super helpful and planned our day out, even down to lunch!

We went to the sacred monkey forest, the Ubud rice terraces (AMAZING) and then to a lovely waterfall. It was a jam packed day-we got a lot in!

If you’ve never been to Bali, I do really recommend it!



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